We created MarketFinance to help small businesses in India get the loans they need to grow

Micro, Small and Medium Businesses (MSME) are the lifeblood of India. 50 million small business owners employ 40% of the India workforce, create the majority of new job opportunities, and are responsible for 45% of India’s industrial output. What’s astounding is that even though small businesses are so critical to our economy, it is so difficult to manage them and succeed. The number one problem small businesses face is access to capital — businesses need money to make money. MarketFinance is the easiest way to save you time and money on loans. we know how to navigate through the complexities of India’s banking system This problem hit my own company a couple of years ago. Three years ago, after 6 years with an international investment bank, I quit set up a film production company making films on social justice and hope 



MarketFinance was established by a team of INSEAD students, coming from diverse financial and entrepreneurial backgrounds. Combining experience from top industries in the world, we are revolutionising the working capital finance space in India.