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We have curated a source of investment information for startup funding including contracts for you to read and tweak according to your specifications. We will make your equity funding campaign as seamless as possible!!

Frequently asked questions

How does the platform help with startup funding?

At MarketFinance India, we have 127 angel investors who are committed to investing the future of the Indian startup ecosystem. They are captains of Industry with an eclectic range of industry knowledge and sector expertise. Our investors are no strangers to angel funding and have spent a large amount of time investing and mentoring startups in India.

What kind of companies are eligible for startup funding?

Typically, you will be a company with a scalable idea that has achieved a product market fix. Our investors like to invest in startups that have been well received from the market and has generated some amount of revenue. Remember, that in order to receive angel funding the investor needs to believe that they will receive a significant ROI on funds they have invested in your company

How much does it cost?

It’s free to create a profile and you will only be charged if we are able to secure angel funding for your startup. We will support you in any way possible and offer free advice so please feel free to reach out to us so we can have a chat.

How much can each angel investor invest?

Individual investments start at Rs 1 Lakh, but you set the minimum they will accept. However, angel investors will have investment maximums based on a few factors, including earnings, net worth, etc.

How does angel funding work?

Investors will own a piece of the company and are along for the ride, whether successful or not. Typically, equity funding will involve dilution where the startup will give investors equity in exchange for a capital infusion.

How does an investor make money?

Equity funding takes place with a view that over a 3-5 year horizon, the investor will receive a substantial exit. Every investor, should they invest in your company, will believe (or want) their investment will have a 10x return. This is called an exit and will happen in many ways. Some examples could be, a VC or a PE firm investing in your company and will buy out the initial angel investors, or your company gets strategically acquired by a larger firm thus enabling the investors to make a return.

What information do I submit before and after investing?

Each company is required to show how they plan to use the equity funding raised along with a detailed pitch deck that MarketFinance will help you prepare. After angel funding, each company is required to routinely share information about how their businesses are doing.

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We only charge you if your fundraising is successful. Pay nothing up-front. If you can find a better offer, we'll match it.

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Raise upto Rs. 10 Cr - without the hassle!

Raise upto Rs. 10 Cr - without the hassle!