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Why would you need insurance for your business?
  • Protect your business from financial ruin!

  • Most business owners never expect to encounter accidents, mistakes, injuries, crime etc.

  • How many times have you said this? – “it will never happen to me”

  • Let MarketFinance India build a tailored insurance solution that protects you from unexpected losses.


Higher Value

Pay upto 20% less versus standard sourcing for the same policy. Avail the lowest possible quote with maximum benefits.

Highly convenient

Single window application and step-by-step assistance eases loan on top management.

Compare, match and select

Choose from a variety of providers to best suit your budgetary and policy needs.

Dedicated Service Manager

Single point of contact allows for services across categories through a single interface.

Claim Support

Ensure you claim right the first time. Assistance provided in documentation and process adherence.

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