Invest in Startups You love!

Investing in start ups is way different to the stock market

It's much riskier

Investing in startups is much more risky than stock market listed businesses. Even really good founders can fail, and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose

You either win big or lose

Startups are inherently more risky in that they can either grow tremendously, or fail completely. Bear this in mind when investing

Long term proposal

You need to hold on to your shares once you buy them as there is no secondary market for them. You will need to wait years for a return.

Your money has impact

When you invest, you are directly sending money to a startup which will benefit from your money. That’s really fulfilling

Investor Perks

When you invest, you will very likely benefit from perks which your startup will include you in, like VIP access to new products, or discounts


You will be part of a community within the startup, and you will help businesses in your portfolio succeed